Just His Words

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First Printing April 2006

The Just His Words Red Letters Reference Book is a substantial, professionally bound collection of the words of Jesus, in the same order found in the most popular book and Bible in the world, the 1611 King James Version (KJV). Use of the Just His Words red letters reference book is not intended to replace Bible reading.

It's possible to view the scattered contents of Just His Words beginning on this web page, thanks to the Christian Answers online Bible. On that page, scroll down to locate the first verse colored red. That is the first entry in Just His Words. Using the arrows, you are able to advance through the Bible, locating red-colored verses. (Just His Words is not associated with Christian Answers, nor are they associated with us.)

You'll find quotes spread throughout the New Testament. To be clear, Just His Words has no goal of convincing anyone to elevate the words recorded as having been spoken by Jesus above any other words in the Bible.

Vital Statistics
Just His Words Red Letters Reference Book
• 156 pages •
• 5½ x 4½ inches •